How to Select Perfect Lehenga Fabric for Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings and lehengas are inseparable. Since you can hardly wear lehengas otherwise, weddings are the best time you can wear lehengas. It is always a good idea to buy fabric for lehengas. You can choose and buy lehenga fabric of different types and stitch different lehengas for different wedding functions.

Here are tips on how to choose your lehengas for different wedding functions:-

  • For the Engagement ceremony:- Kepp it light and elegant during the engagement ceremony. You can choose a Net or a Georgette lehenga fabric for your engagement ceremony. If you are choosing an embroidered net or georgette for your lehenga, use a satin underlining for the added shimmer. Georgette and net score high as a lehenga fabric fashion in India and you too will love the feel of it. Moreover, it is light and easy to carry around.
  • For the Haldi Ceremony:- Choose a bit of ethnic cotton or linen to stitch a lehenga for the Haldi ceremony. You can also choose art silk for this purpose. Rather than embellished lehenga go for thread embroidered one and combine with real flower jewelry for that stunning ethnic look.
  • For the Sangeet and Mehendi Ceremony:- A shimmery silk lehenga which is not too heavy should be your choice for the Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony. A light embroidery in the lehenga will make your fun and dances for the ceremony easier. Rather go in for a heavily embroidered dupatta to go along with it.
  • For the Wedding Ceremony:- Make your wedding lehenga exquisitely beautiful. Opt for brocade or Banarasi blouse and a lehenga fabric which is silk with heavy embroidery or of traditional weave like Banarasi. You can go for heavy embroidery because it is a special occasion. Embellishments are welcome but concentrate more on embroidery. You can also add on an exquisite border to add on to the glory.

What’s your pick for a winter wedding?

You are definitely considered to be blessed if your wedding is in the winter season. A silk lehenga will be the best choice for you. You can also buy lehenga fabric from any good fabric stores. A silk lehenga definitely makes you look gorgeous, elegant and also it drapes really well on the body. As we all know that silk fabric is expensive from any other fabrics so you must opt for the right one for your special day. You can also opt for satin lehenga fabric which is also smooth and could be a nice substitute for silk fabric.

For Summer Wedding

If you are getting married in summer and you are not familiar with wearing lehengas, it is better that you must avoid heavy fabrics so that you won’t feel uncomfortable with the increasing temperature. It is better that you wear lehenga made of light fabrics or georgette fabric. This fabric has a sheer texture. Though it is not as soft as chiffon but the fabric can provide you a lustrous drape as well as it is also very easy to maintain.

Plus Size women

Plus size women might think that lehengas are not for them but they are absolutely wrong as Many stores include different kind of fabrics that are suitable for plus size women. It will emphasize their curves more and make them look beautiful. Plus size women must choose fabrics that are made of silk, chiffon as well as Georgette.

Crepe Lehenga

Another kind of lehenga which you can opt for is crepe fabric. This is one of the ideal choices of fabric for every wedding bride. The crepe will not only give you a beautiful drape but also will provide flares and the texture is really soft. Though it’s an inexpensive fabric but one thing you must keep in mind that the sheen of the fabric is dull compared to other ones.

Organic fabrics

It is vital that you must buy skin-friendly fabric which suits to your body. It is advisable that you must opt for organic silk or cotton fabric that can provide you a very sheer look on your wedding day.

You can always buy readymade lehengas but for the perfect fit and for that dream lehenga always go in for stitched and customized lehengas. And for lehenga fabric go to the best fabric fashion store, where you will get an amazing range of fabrics and all at a very reasonable cost. So step into the world of exquisite lehenga fabrics and make your wedding special.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree

The Kanchipuram saree is an elegant offering that is amongst the highest ranks in terms of traditional clothing and cultural fashion. It is a saree made from the purest silk in the country. And is recognized by the unique gold or silver dipped threads. Which are used to make the Zari patterns along the borders or the body of the fabric itself.

This is what makes it so sought after by women from all corners of the country. They are the prized product of the South that is impressive enough to rival the famous Banarasi Silk saree in Northern India.

Weaving of the Kanchipuram Saree

Raw materials for making such an attractive garment are pure mulberry silk strands, silver, and gold-coated threads. That comes all the way from Gujarat that is famously known for providing these valuable metallic threads. Together these will form the saree once woven.

A three shuttle weaving machine is utilized to make this lavish saree. One weaver works from the right while another works from the left side to weave the silk. After that, they together to form an actual fabric.

By the end of the process, the silk looks so different from the rest of the designs. The main attraction is the pallu that will usually be woven separately. After that later attached to the rest of the saree in a secure manner. Eventually, the silk saree will be fully completed to give an eye-catching saree. That every woman will want to be wearing.


The Kanchipuram saree is a highly traditional saree that is deeply rooted in our history and religion. This is why you can find ethnic motifs all over their fabrics, these include ethnic coin, peacocks, elephants, lotus symbols, parrot, sun, moon, and many other traditional imagery options.

These sarees are specially made for you if you love the careful combination of colors. Every color from bright pink to golden yellow can be transformed into an appealing garment. That has a place in someone’s heart as a favorite color. If you want to buy sarees then you can buy wholesale sarees at a cheap price from our store.

There are a range of other Kanchipuram sarees that make use of more expensive and superior materials. Pure silk Saree strands of a different type and more gold detailing with typical images from Mahabharata and Ramayana can be seen on these much costlier versions of the Kanchipuram Saree.

They are made to cater to those important events and wealthier people who have more money to spend on a one of a kind piece of artwork. That takes weavers many weeks to complete and finish the look well.

End note

Kanchipuram sarees are the ideal type of garment that Indian women wish they could wear every day.

They are versatile clothing that can be worn for weddings, parties, and all religious events, and will never disappoint you with the feel or the style level.

4 Best Designer Dress Materials and Why You Should Invest in Them

A simple and elegant salwar suit is the perfect attire that gives a flawless look to the wearer. The outfit can be stitched, unstitched or semi-stitched and the pattern may vary according to the styles and designs of the attire. The stitched attire is ready to wear that can be worn as soon as you buy it. This three-piece attire can be worn at parties, events and festivals as well as it can also be worn as a casual wear.

Choosing a beautiful dress material and then getting it stitched in an alluring pattern is the perfect way of getting an immensely beautiful attire. The benefit of buying a dress material rather than a stitched dress is that you can get it designed as per your choice and preference. Some stylish up and down patterns or any other asymmetrical pattern with a stunning salwar and a matching dupatta makes you look like a diva. You can get perfect length and measurement if you buy dress material. Experiment with your salwar by getting it stitched in some different styles.

1. Printed Dress Material:

The most admired one is the printed dress material that has some amazing and colorful prints on them. Prints such as flowers and paisleys, geometric prints, traditional prints, animal prints and some abstract prints are most commonly found on the cloth. These colorful prints give an elegant look to the wearer. If stones and diamonds are not your choices then these ones can be a perfect pick. They are best for casual wear and can also be worn at small functions and gatherings.

A bright and vibrant printed cotton dress material is a perfect choice for summers. It is a soft and fluffy fabric that has the ability to control moisture and it also helps you feel fresh and cool. They are also found in fabrics such as rayon, georgette, linen and other light weight fabrics that are comfortable to wear and maintain.

2. Embellished Dress Material:

Girls love to wear beautiful salwar suits at wedding seasons and festivals for a traditional look. Wearing something shimmery and blinking is perfect for these occasions. A beautifully embellished dress material that is detailed with some colourful stones and diamonds can be a perfect choice for this occasion. This outfit has a beautiful neckline that is detailed with diamonds and pearls or some other beautiful embroidery works. The front of attire may have some sequins and colourful stones that makes it a heavy and rich salwar suit.

Pastel colours are the new favourites nowadays. Choosing a beautiful colour and getting it stitched in a sharara or plazo pattern will make it a perfect party wear dress. Simple neckline and long sleeves look superb on a heavily detailed dress. Pair some beautiful accessories and get ready for the party.

3. Silk Dress Material:

When it comes to a royal and rich look, no other fabric can match the beauty of silk. It is one of the most highly produced and consumed fabrics. It is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms and then is converted into a smooth and shiny fabric. There are different varieties and patterns of silk and each of them have some intricate designs. Banarasi silk, chanderi silk and pure silk are some of the varieties of silk. The fabric is also combined with other fabrics to make a more comfortable material.

Bright coloured silk dress material detailed with golden and silver zari work makes it look more amazing. The attire may be detailed with some traditional designs including elephant, peacock or some other traditional carvings that makes the outfit look more pretty.

4. Dress Material with Thread work:

There are many different types of embroidery work done on traditional clothes such as salwar suits, lehengas and sarees. One such embroidery work is the beautiful thread work. Colourful threads are used to decorate the cloth and make it look more beautiful. Designs such as flowers and leaves or some other beautiful patterns are made on the dress. It takes much effort to make some intricate and beautiful designs using thread on the cloth. A perfect neckline and a cool sleeves pattern gives your attire a stunning look.

This one can be worn at any special occasion or event for a pretty look. Investing in this dress material is a great idea. If you love colourful clothes then this can be definitely a great choice. If you are willing to wear something attractive and elegant then this can be a good pick.

Perfect for Any Body Type:

Dress materials are perfect for each and every body type whether you are slim, tall, rectangular shaped, oval shaped or apple shaped the dress material is perfect for everyone. You can get it stitched in any of the patterns such as palazzo pattern, sharara pattern, patiala pattern or churidar whichever you wish. The measurements can be adjusted as per one’s height and shape of body. The length of kurti or salwar can also be adjusted as per your preference. Select a simple and elegant neckline that goes well with your outfit.

Searching for wholesale dress material then just go through some online stores and get your desired outfit. Thousands of colour options and patterns are available so it will be easy to choose the favourite one in just a few minutes. You can differentiate between colours, patterns and designs clearly from the collection of dress materials available on the site.

Some Accessories for a Complete Look:

Pair some beautiful and matching accessories with this amazing outfit and get a perfect traditional look. A pair of bold and beautiful earrings, some bangles or a pretty bracelet, and a beautiful necklace will look awesome with a salwar suit. Choose correct footwear and complete your entire look.

Auto Mechanic Shop Workers Jackets

With the advancement of technology in the world, the automotive industry is growing quite fast. It has come a long way in last couple of decades, having multiple number of new players entering in the market. It is one of the most expensive and fastest growing industries in the world, having an estimated global worth of trillions in dollars. It has transformed the norms of automobiles in the world, and is now gearing up for some new adventures in the circuit.

We all have witnessed that era in which only few car manufacturing companies were used to operate in the market. Ford, Peugeot, Vauxhall and few others were the only probable names at that time. In fact, some of these companies were only used to manufacture commercial cars, as general public usage at that time was still bit expensive.

But today, with the expansion of technology and skillset, there are a number automobile companies working in the world. In fact, there is a high pace of competition within these companies right now, as most of them regularly tries to come up with something new in order to acquire more customers from the market. All of this has now become a norm, in fact a necessity for these companies to thrive successfully in the market.

Meanwhile, these automotive companies are not just limited to manufacture cars alone, instead many of them have grown up their horizons and have entered in manufacturing different type of vehicles. The expansion of these companies have also provided huge job opportunities to the needy ones, as many people from around the world have established their careers as a successful mechanics of these vehicles. Some of them works for the official outlet of these companies wearing the custom auto-mechanics jackets, while some have established their own mechanics shop.

Those people who have established their own mechanics shop precisely pay a huge attention towards the overall presentation of their place. It is indeed very necessary for their reputation, as all the incoming visitors do look at these factors as well. Many shop owners highly emphasize on using the quality worker uniforms in elevating the overall presentation of their place. They know that it is one of the most important part in building a trusted reputation in the eyes of customers, as most of them regards this factor highly.

This article also discusses the advantages of using customized mechanic uniforms in the field of automotive industry. Let’s take a look at some of its key points defined below.

3 Reasons Why Mechanic Uniforms Are Important For Workers

Provides Trusted Look

It is a known fact that whoever comes to mechanic shop to repair his car parts, always first looks on the interior and uniforms of the workers. Having a good uniform helps your shop to build a positive reputation in the eyes of those customers, giving them an important vibe about the reliability of your place in terms of quality and trusted work.

Shows Professionalism

A good mechanic uniform helps to show your professionalism and work ethics in the field. Because no one likes to get his car work done from a boy wearing a random muddy apparel, instead everyone likes to interact with the people who are properly suited up with the right uniforms. It is a basic part to work in any field, in which the automotive industry is no exception.

Builds a Shop Theme

When your mechanic shop workers wear the same uniform, it basically helps in illustrating the right theme of your place. Many people recommend this factor in order to show the singularity of theme at your place, just like in the restaurants where all the staffers also wear the same uniform to represent the overall image of the place.

Final Words

Summarizing all above, custom uniforms have now become a necessity for every mechanic shop in order to show the right image to the customers. As defined above, it particularly helps in representing the working ethics of your place, so that more and more people can attract towards your shop seeing the impressive professionalism of your workers.

If you are still confused with the usage of these uniforms at your mechanics shop, please feel free to ask your question below in the comments section.

Top 7 Personalized Gifts to Surprise Your Special One on Their Birthday

The excitement and anticipation that comes with your special one’s birthday is still something you can’t beat. Most people get fully immersed in throwing surprise birthday parties and purchasing gifts, but they end up forgetting the value of their birthday wishes. Whether you create custom birthday gifts for your 18th or 50th year, a personalized gift is a beautiful souvenir to look back on for so many years to come. When you personalise a gift, it shows that you put that additional thought into buying someone’s gift. No matter if you’re looking for a gift for a beloved, parent or best buddy, you’re going to find something that makes them special and loved. If you’re searching for a couple of loving birthday gifts for your loved ones, look no further here. We’ve curated seven best Happy Birthday online personalized gifts for you.

Picture With Personalised Magnets

These days, we ‘re all fascinated with flicking our phones away. We bet you’ve got thousands of images of your bae, stored on your phone, along with a lot of pictures of the two of you. Why don’t you turn these photos into an adorable and wacky birthday gift with personalized magnets?

Personalised Photo Cushion

Fabulous personalised cushion gifts are always on most demanding birthday gifts. They really make the best gifts; they’re lovable, they ‘re handcrafted, they feel and look great, and you can style them particularly for your significant other.

Personalized DIY Phone Case

Mobile phones are a vital part of our everyday lives. We ‘re not only relying on these devices to connect us to people we love, but we’re also looking for them to store relevant information. Nowadays, smartphones are not just workable mobile devices that keep us close; they also contribute heavily to our style. Most of the original maker’s phone cases generally come plain without design elements, so a personalized phone case will be adored by anyone you ‘re giving it to. You can customize a phone case with their photo or a pic that connects to a receiver’s personality.

Coaster Gift Set

Don’t we all love the coaster? Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can be sure that getting a coaster for your cherished one as a surprise gift would be truly incredible to them. Coasters will help them ensure that their furnishings are safe from the moisture produced in their glasses. So if you don’t know what to get, the coaster sets wouldn’t let you down.

A gift that keeps on giving with the Personalised Memory Box

Personalized Memory Photo Boxes are stunning, handcrafted and can be totally personalized by you. Once it has been built, fill it with keepsakes, special drinks, personalized messages and more and offer it as a birthday gift to your dear one with all the positive emotions!

A Personalised Birthday Card

There are a multitude of birthday cards available in stores. In fact, maybe there are more of them. All that choice can be immense! Plus, you use someone else’s language to say your love. Make someone’s day and generate your own Personalized Birthday Day card – a little work makes a big difference!

A Heart Shaped Personalised Jewellery

Who said that the ornaments are just for Diwali? Get a lovely heart shaped personalized necklace. A sweet little trinket can be displayed on both sides and comes with a ribbon to hold it with a nice bag. So get a stunning personalised jewellery for your sweetheart on her next birthday.

Birthdays have always been special and it’s nice to receive something special on the day of the year you’re celebrating. So getting unique birthday gifts is something you’re supposed to take a little time to decide and make a personal one.

Follow The Tips To Buy The Best Clothes Online

Today, online shopping is trending among people because it is the best way to purchase and save money. Apart from that, you are able to avail of a wider range of collections in the online stores than conventional stores. The online stores come up with a lot of discounts and it allows you to purchase all the products in a single place. So, there is no need to go to a lot of shops for purchase products, especially kid’s clothes. When it comes to the kid’s clothing, the people will look for different collections with different designs and styles. In this case, they cannot avail much collection in conventional stores but they are able to avail the expected products from online stores. 

They can able to find a lot of brands and their different collections in an online store. However, when purchasing the kid’s clothes from online stores you need to consider and be aware of some factors. Here are important factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best kid’s clothes online at Filpkart Offers

Choose The Right Size

This is the first and foremost thing you need to look for it while purchasing the kid’s clothes online. Even though they provide a return policy, you cannot change it over again. Thus you need to pay attention to the size of the clothes along with design and style. You can able to see the size charts on the product display page and choose the right size as per their guidance. Also, it is advisable to buy one size bigger always especially for kids. That’s because they are about to grow till a certain age and it will not fit for them after a certain age. Thus, you need to keep this in mind when buying clothes online. 

Choose The Right Fabric

This is another important factor that you need to pay attention to this when buying kid’s clothes. That’s because some kids are allergic to some fabrics. As a parent, you knew that, so give priority to the fabric of the clothes when buying clothes at Paytmmall offers. Thus, buy the fabric that suitable for them because they are wearing the same clothes the whole day if it’s allergic to them and they may have some skin diseases. So, it is important to check the material and fabric before ordering it. 

Check The Quality

Quality is a very important factor that you need to consider. If you fail to check the quality of the material you may have a chance to avail of poor quality. The poor quality material will not last longer; in the end, you will waste the money by purchasing the clothes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the quality along with the fabric. You can see the product description on the same product page so read them carefully and choose to purchase the right material to avoid such factors. 

Consider Washability

There are different fabrics available in the market. So, the kid’s clothes are designed with different fabrics such as cotton, polyester, synthetic, silk, and so on. Some of the clothes are suitable for a normal wash while some only fit for a specific wash. Thus, those clothes cannot be able to do normal wash and only dry wash is suitable for them. Thus, you need to check the washing properties before buying them. If you are able to do both washes then no issues. So, the washability affects the clothes and so you need to pay attention to them. 

Pay Attention for Outlook

As mentioned, there are a wide range of collections of kid’s clothes available in the market. Some of them look good but when you wear them for your kids it won’t be nice for them. Therefore, you need to pay attention to that. You can find out the looks by surfing the customer reviews page. You can refer to the customer review pages to get a clear idea about an outlook. Therefore, it is advisable to buy the clothes after over viewing the customer’s reviews pages to avoid such risk factors. Along with the outlook, you need to consider the colour of the clothes. Sometimes, you will not receive the same colour hat you have ordered. This happens when buying clothes online, so you can avoid those factors by reviewing customer’s reviews. 

Where to avail coupon codes and promotional deals?

The most popular online site is Tracedeals where people can able to find numerous kids clothing offers discounts, promotional deals, and coupon codes for all kinds of products especially for kid’s clothes. These offers are only applicable to online stores. These are developed extracting from other coupon codes sites. So, just avail the coupon codes from the site and activate this while buying kid’s clothes online. The code has to be applied at the time of payment. After applying the coupon codes the total payable amount will be reduced. Therefore, use this best platform to make your work simple and efficient.

Best Tips Deals in Women’s Clothing

Everybody loves great deals. During this day and time, we still wish to shop but we might like to get the simplest deal for our hard-earned dollar. Here are a couple of tips to identify some best deals when it involves buying women’s clothing.

Free Shipping

We love online stores that provide free shipping. Better still if they’re ready to offer free shipping for any item that you simply purchase irregardless of the worth of your purchases. There are stores online offering such great deals in order that shoppers aren’t pressured to shop for up to a particular amount to qualify for free of charge shipping.

So keep an eye fixed out for these stores once you shopping online. in fact don’t expect them to supply you free shipping for international orders if you’re getting to purchase just one item. Perhaps several items or up to a particular amount of paying within the same store may qualify free shipping for your orders. you’ll always ask the shop owner or company directly by sending them an email as they’re going to be quite happy to try to to business with you.

Clothes for various Occasions

You know you’ve found yourself an honest site when there are tons of various clothing for you to settle on from for various occasions. Women love variety and that they wish to see a good range of various clothing altogether sorts of style and color.
So you recognize you’ve found an honest site that gives affordable online Women’s clothing  shopping once you see tones of stylish clothes that are displayed properly for patrons to ascertain.
When buying clothing, you are doing not only want to ascertain the front portion of the dress or clothes. You would like to be ready to view the rear portion of the clothing and better still if the shop features a zoom feature.
Once you’re completely satisfied viewing the garments you wish, you’ll have the arrogance to form the acquisition.

Sells Your Size

You know you’ve found an honest online store once you are trying to find fashionable clothing that also comes in plus size for larger women. lately, women who require plus size clothing not need to undergo the effort trying to find clothing that’s ready to fit them. 
They will shop online confidently as there should be a spread of plus size clothing for them to settle on from with the dimensions of the clothing mentioned clearly.


Shopping for women’s clothing has never been this easy or convenient. Best is once you find some awesome stores  Like TeetalkStore offering these best deals that helping benefit women once they do their shopping. Have fun!

Ways to Style Salwar kameez For Diwali

Clothing and functions are an important combination that goes hand in hand together and many women around the country make sure that they plan their outfit well in advance before attending any event. 

In Indian culture, various traditional functions have a specific outfit or color that is to be worn for that day, and in the case of Diwali, a brand new garment should be worn and anything less is unacceptable. The aim here is to look fashionable and smart to celebrate the festival of colors.

Many are expected to be wearing a saree as this is customary, but there s another option in the form of the stylish Salwar kameez and this is usually enough when you have it styled the right way to impress even the tough critics and fashionistas. To make sure that there is enough time to plan your next Diwali outfit out, here are a few pointers to help you along in the right direction.

Cigarette Pants To Match Everything

The cigarette pants are famously known for the extravagance seen on their heavily decorated appearance. 

The borders and areas towards the bottom heavily embellished with fancy stonework, intricate beadwork, or even detailed patterns of embroidery. This was why it naturally was chosen as the base wear for Pakistani Suit, which is perfectly matching in terms of massive decorations. 

These stylish narrow pants feature a single width throughout the leg portion and best suited to women who have average height. Also, they are made from georgette material as it is easy to decorate and looks good making it match with any type of top-wear clothing. The heavy bottoms equal the weight of the lighter top part to complete the look.

Short Flared Top

The top wear clothing is always the most important part of any outfit as it is the first thing that people see when they look at you. For this reason, you will have to do your best to get the most appealing top.

 One suggestion we can give you is to have a look at short kurti tops, to be more specific the flared type is really hot this season. It features a length that ends just around the waist or a bit lower where it is medium length. 

They can be heavily decorated with traditional embroidery, expensive stonework, and other designs so it can be decorated by a classy printed floral design using a combination of matching colors, the choice is all yours. Select a bright and scenic bottom wear to get the most out of your outfit.

Sharara Salwar Kameez

The Sharara suit is an eternal style that will be in our hearts forever. These evolved outfits usually look like something that has just come of the fashion ramp at Fashion week. 

They are so fashionable that no one can possibly look away when someone wearing this walks past you. Apart from the elegant looks, these suits are bound to make any woman feel like royalty in the luxurious embellishments and premium silk material that is used in making these unique outfits. 

You cannot go wrong wearing these lavish outfits for the celebration of light during Diwali. Going for brighter colors will be even better as the skilled decorative works are more visible on these types of colors, but if you insist, lighter colors are also great to wear.

Anarkali Kurti

Known throughout the country as every woman’s favorite, the Anarkali Kurti has a deep past embedded in the history books of India. It is inspired by the lehenga choli which was once a garment worn exclusively by female royalty during the Mughal empire and was characterized by its long floor-length top that flows like a cape when walking. 

The lengthy appearance of the kurti mimics the graceful looks of a lehenga. These are remodeled to look very beautiful by heavily decorating with all sorts of ornamental decorations and a fan favorite includes the combined effects of embroidery sewn into patterns with the addition of stonework

Deeper colors such as red, maroon, and navy blue that said to shine more than other colors that are dull. Most women will be planning to wear these beauties for their Diwali party. Pairing these up is simple and you can choose from leggings, palazzo pants, or the traditional lehenga that is another timeless clothing option that all women are bound to own.

Traditional Dhoti Pants

many garments are linked to the roots of our Indian society, one of them is the ‘dhoti’ style pants that have been worn for many centuries by Indian people, now it has made its way to the highest fashion ranks and women around the country love to incorporate them into their version of a perfect salwar kameez. 

The signature look recognized by its pleated baggy look that raises the look to a higher level for girls and women who are brave and daring enough to know what is hot and how to style it up with a short kameez that will lay emphasis on the bottom clothing. Wearing these is the best way to celebrate Diwali by paying tribute to our local culture and still looking fashionable at the same time.

Comfortable Cotton Leggings

For some women comfort is the most important element of any garment, this is why will be open to the idea of wearing a stylish top and pairing it up with a comfortable pair of cotton leggings, this is not a bad thing seeing as they are also breathable and will let you feel free and cool even in hot flustering conditions. 

Apart from this they also offer a great amount of stretching capacity, this helps if you intend on dancing or walking. Color options are endless and you can get leggings to match any type of top as this is not a restriction. Chop and change colors to get a contrasting look to fulfill your outfit goals.

Whatever you decide to wear, just make sure you have fun!

If you love these salwar kameez and want to try out? Then you can buy salwar kameez wholesale online which can save your time and money.