JVZoo Affiliate Program Review – All You Need to Know

JVZoo Affliate Program Review  – JVZoo is a marketplace to promote and sell the digital products online. Members of JVZoo can easily list their digital products to promote and sell within a JVZoo website where as affiliate marketers can make money with JVZoo by marketing and selling those listed products. JVZoo has provided huge marketplace to promote all sorts of digital products in a wide variety of niches.

JVZoo joining & signup link – www.jvzoo.com

*How To Get Started As A JVZoo Affiliate?

Once you join as a JVZoo affiliate, you’ll have access to more than 20 categories. The categories can be anything from Internet marketing to travel. There are more than 60000+ products available in the marketplace. The affiliate can search and choose the desired product for promoting. The affiliate must look after the  commission, conversion, refund rate and products sold while choosing for promotion. You could see the images below for reference.

*How Can You Promote The JVZoo Products?

The affiliate can use the following methods to promote JvZoo products :

E-Mail list : If you have decent subscribers or readers then you could mail them. Please don’t simply send the referral link. Please be honest about the product you are promoting. Write the significance of the product and leave your affiliate link below. Always remember that you should target audience based on your niche. Mailing random people won’t take you anywhere.

Social media : The above rules apply here too. The right people who are actually interested in your niche would definitely respond. However it is not as easy as said. You must add value to your brand.

E-Mail newsletters : You can send newsletters to your subscribers on weekly or monthly basis. You can use JvZoo recommended tools for sending newsletters.

*What Are The Best Features Of The JVZoo Affiliate Program?

Global presence : Anyone from any part of the world can join Jvzoo affiliate program.

Huge marketplace : JVZoo covers 60000+ exclusive products along with webimates and tools.

Affiliate bonus : Being a JVZoo affiliate you can create bonus for your desired products. It will get delivered instantly once sale is made.

Best resources for newbie affiliates : The newbies can follow JVZoo training guides and webinars before getting to start promotions.

No deduction in commissions : Unlike other affiliate networks you’ll receive 100% commissions. So that means you’ll receive full amount without transaction fee. For instance if the commission is $100 then you’ll receive the full amount via PayPal. The seller will pay the PayPal transaction fee.

*Either JVZoo’s business model is legal or it is a scam?

JVZoo’s business model is 100% legal because it is simply an affiliate program where anyone can earn commission by selling its listed digital products or just by listing their own products to sell. So, there is nothing illegal in this business model.

But, you can find many members have listed scam products to sell within JVZoo due to which it increases a risk factor to work with JVZoo about which we have explained in detail as below.

*Either is there any JVZoo.com complaints or not?

Sure, every business will have complaints, even the most good ones and like we have mentioned before, in the case of JV Zoo, you can find lots of complaints regarding its products. However, those complaints are not related with company itself, but are related with the quality of products which are listed within JV Zoo because JV Zoo doesn’t filter its products due to which you can find lots of scam products listed there. So, if you want to do the marketing of JVZoo’s products, do the deep research on each of those products first of all.

*Pros of JVZoo

Unlike other competitors, in JVZoo you will get payments instantly in your Paypal account. But, if you are new affiliate, then some vendors will want you to wait till the refund period.

JVZoo is free to join.

In JVZoo, it is easy to list your own products to sell or to promote listed products.

JVZoo uses Cookies for its affiliate links due to which whenever you send clients to buy products in JVZoo, your Cookies will be save so that if same client purchase another product in the future from JVZoo using same device, then you will earn commission on that sale as well.

You can get upto 50% commission on the sales of JVZoo affiliate products.

JVZoo provides excellent tracking service to see the stats of the products that you are promoting.

JV Zoo offers products in a wide variety of niches, so you will have an option to choose various kinds of products as per your interest and expertise to promote and sell the products.

JVZoo customer service is good because they are responsive to their affiliates.

*Cons of JVZoo

You can find lots of junk products within JVZoo. So, before you purchase products on JVZoo or promote them to earn commission, you must do deep research on them.

Some of their good products also offers upsells due to which buyers may feel cheated because about those upsells, they haven’t mentioned clearly before purchasing the products. So, once again you need do deep research on the product listed in JVZoo before you promote it or buy it.

You need to submit an application to the vendor in order to get permission to promote their products and they have full rights to refuse you without any reason.

What is The Final Conclusion?

Being a JvZoo affiliate you can earn decent commissions using right strategies. Even you can extra income from referred affiliates. The JvZoo affiliates can share their experiences below. Hope this JvZoo affiliate program review help affiliates to get started.

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