Ten best boat hauling companies of the USA

When you purchase a boat, you are well aware of the investments you are making at the total cost you will have to pay and the purchase price. When you plan on moving from one state to another and own a boat, you must know the trouble you might have to go through while trailing it to a new location.

Ten best boat hauling companies of the USA in 2020.

Since the job is very complex, there are many experts who provide boat hauling and shipping services. There are many companies that you can trust to haul your boat safely and efficiently.

Below is given a list of best boat hauling companies:

We will transport it

This company is in the field of hauling and transportation since 2009 and has responsively shipped heavy load-hauling safely to the destination. They specialize in many fields like RV transport, Motorbike shipping, boat shipping, etc. We will transport it specializes in transporting the boats of all sizes and weights and has the equipment to make the most complex shipments too. The company has its base locations at various cities of the USA like, Alaska, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, etc.)


This company handles shipping for many vehicles like a car, motorbike, and a ship. The company provides a service of hauling heavily loaded boats at an affordable price and has a market value worth trusting without any doubts in mind. You can also track the live status of the shipping details through the shipping details provided.


This company has established market value by providing explicable services since 2004 and is operable across the country. They guide the customer through the procedure, which requires preparing the boat for shipping before the transporters pick the boat from the door. They ask the customer to confirm the deal after agreeing to the quotation provided by the company as per the details of the distance of shipping and boat size and weight.     


This company has made its name by providing an amazing boat hauling service over the years. CitizenShipper has a unique way of trading where they connect the customer with the verified, reliable, and professional boat hauler who could help you with shipping your boat at a much reasonable process and with utmost safety and concerns. You can easily track the shipping status through a live tracker and enjoy the door-to-door service provided by the esteemed organization.

Boat Express

This is a company who has its legs wide open across various nations from USA, Canada, and Mexico This company is considered as the biggest boat hauling company in the USA and has to build the reputation by building strong relations with the client by providing best suitable service and attaining client satisfaction. The customer can easily make a demand for the quotation through a mail or phone number. They also provide a helping portal on the website, which may help you in getting an instant quotation as per your requirement.

Joule Yacht Transport

This company has established itself from the year 1954 and has built itself into an industry leader in the boat hauling business. This company specializes in transporting heavy boats and ships across the country. They also provide a trailer that suits the customer boat most accurately, to ensure the protective shield on the ship the company ensures each job for high rated USD.

Express Boat transport

This company had set its ground in the business since 1998 and is ruling the industry since. The company has a tie-up with various international shipping partners who help them make the oversea shipping smooth and transit. The customer may easily ask for the quotations, and the company provides them free of cost. The quotation is based on the information provided by the customer online, regarding the shape and size of the ship.

Peters and May Groups

The company is providing the best logistic solutions for sea, land, and air transportations since the year 1988. The company has set a record by shipping about 8000 sailing boats, yachts, heavily loaded ships, boats, watercraft, etc. This company provides an option for the customer to choose amongst various transportation methods and agrees to whichever they choose. This company is serviceable around the globe from various locations like the US, UK, Turkey, China, Australia, Spain, and other countries.

Sevenstar Yacht Transport

This company offers its service on the international platform and has offices around various locations across the globe. The company makes a special effort in providing the most economical solutions to the customer for making the smooth boat hauling and shipments. They provide the insurance along with all the quotations provided to the clients to ensure safety as a priority.

Interstate Hauler: The company was established in 1997 and is being run by a family that manages the work together and enhances the quality of the services provided. The company expertise in hauling yachts, powerboats, small boats, and sailboats.

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