Ways to Style Salwar kameez For Diwali

Clothing and functions are an important combination that goes hand in hand together and many women around the country make sure that they plan their outfit well in advance before attending any event. 

In Indian culture, various traditional functions have a specific outfit or color that is to be worn for that day, and in the case of Diwali, a brand new garment should be worn and anything less is unacceptable. The aim here is to look fashionable and smart to celebrate the festival of colors.

Many are expected to be wearing a saree as this is customary, but there s another option in the form of the stylish Salwar kameez and this is usually enough when you have it styled the right way to impress even the tough critics and fashionistas. To make sure that there is enough time to plan your next Diwali outfit out, here are a few pointers to help you along in the right direction.

Cigarette Pants To Match Everything

The cigarette pants are famously known for the extravagance seen on their heavily decorated appearance. 

The borders and areas towards the bottom heavily embellished with fancy stonework, intricate beadwork, or even detailed patterns of embroidery. This was why it naturally was chosen as the base wear for Pakistani Suit, which is perfectly matching in terms of massive decorations. 

These stylish narrow pants feature a single width throughout the leg portion and best suited to women who have average height. Also, they are made from georgette material as it is easy to decorate and looks good making it match with any type of top-wear clothing. The heavy bottoms equal the weight of the lighter top part to complete the look.

Short Flared Top

The top wear clothing is always the most important part of any outfit as it is the first thing that people see when they look at you. For this reason, you will have to do your best to get the most appealing top.

 One suggestion we can give you is to have a look at short kurti tops, to be more specific the flared type is really hot this season. It features a length that ends just around the waist or a bit lower where it is medium length. 

They can be heavily decorated with traditional embroidery, expensive stonework, and other designs so it can be decorated by a classy printed floral design using a combination of matching colors, the choice is all yours. Select a bright and scenic bottom wear to get the most out of your outfit.

Sharara Salwar Kameez

The Sharara suit is an eternal style that will be in our hearts forever. These evolved outfits usually look like something that has just come of the fashion ramp at Fashion week. 

They are so fashionable that no one can possibly look away when someone wearing this walks past you. Apart from the elegant looks, these suits are bound to make any woman feel like royalty in the luxurious embellishments and premium silk material that is used in making these unique outfits. 

You cannot go wrong wearing these lavish outfits for the celebration of light during Diwali. Going for brighter colors will be even better as the skilled decorative works are more visible on these types of colors, but if you insist, lighter colors are also great to wear.

Anarkali Kurti

Known throughout the country as every woman’s favorite, the Anarkali Kurti has a deep past embedded in the history books of India. It is inspired by the lehenga choli which was once a garment worn exclusively by female royalty during the Mughal empire and was characterized by its long floor-length top that flows like a cape when walking. 

The lengthy appearance of the kurti mimics the graceful looks of a lehenga. These are remodeled to look very beautiful by heavily decorating with all sorts of ornamental decorations and a fan favorite includes the combined effects of embroidery sewn into patterns with the addition of stonework

Deeper colors such as red, maroon, and navy blue that said to shine more than other colors that are dull. Most women will be planning to wear these beauties for their Diwali party. Pairing these up is simple and you can choose from leggings, palazzo pants, or the traditional lehenga that is another timeless clothing option that all women are bound to own.

Traditional Dhoti Pants

many garments are linked to the roots of our Indian society, one of them is the ‘dhoti’ style pants that have been worn for many centuries by Indian people, now it has made its way to the highest fashion ranks and women around the country love to incorporate them into their version of a perfect salwar kameez. 

The signature look recognized by its pleated baggy look that raises the look to a higher level for girls and women who are brave and daring enough to know what is hot and how to style it up with a short kameez that will lay emphasis on the bottom clothing. Wearing these is the best way to celebrate Diwali by paying tribute to our local culture and still looking fashionable at the same time.

Comfortable Cotton Leggings

For some women comfort is the most important element of any garment, this is why will be open to the idea of wearing a stylish top and pairing it up with a comfortable pair of cotton leggings, this is not a bad thing seeing as they are also breathable and will let you feel free and cool even in hot flustering conditions. 

Apart from this they also offer a great amount of stretching capacity, this helps if you intend on dancing or walking. Color options are endless and you can get leggings to match any type of top as this is not a restriction. Chop and change colors to get a contrasting look to fulfill your outfit goals.

Whatever you decide to wear, just make sure you have fun!

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